About Trygghetsstiftelsen

Welcome to Trygghetsstiftelsen, the Job Security Foundation – we support government employees on the way to a new job!

Job transition for government employees at authorities and universities

Trygghetsstiftelsen supports those who are government employees and whose job was terminated due to lack of work or who have a fixed-term employment that is on the way to run out. We also support those who choose not to go with an agency to the new city in the event of an agency relocation.

From 1 February 2021, we will even support you who are dismissed due to illness, or if you have entered into an individual agreement with your employer that your employment will end, provided that the employer has fulfilled the rehabilitation obligation and exhausted the placement opportunities.

We work based on your needs and the goal is always that you will find a new job or another occupation as quickly as possible.

8 out of 10 who come from permanent employment usually find a solution before the period of notice ends.

How we can support you as a government employee

It is your employer who registers you with Trygghetsstiftelsen. Once the registration is confirmed, you become our customer and get to meet one of our advisers. Together, you identify the present situation and ideas about the future. You discuss how Trygghetsstiftelsen can support you to increase your possibilities on the labour market and find the fastest way to a new job. Trygghetsstiftelsen offers job seeker activities, job coaching and recruitment service. You can also receive financial support. Remember that all support is based on you being active and taking responsibility for finding new work!

We want to inspire local job transition work

Trygghetsstiftelsen supports the local parties’ work for suitable and effective use of the local job transition funding. We do so by inspiring and spreading knowledge.

Trygghetsstiftelsen in brief

  • The Job Security Foundation, Trygghetsstiftelsen, celebrated its 30 years anniversary in 2020. The Job Security Foundation was established by the government and central trade unions in connection with the job security agreement entering into effect in 1990.
  • More than 110,000 people have received support from the foundation. In 2020, almost 2 300 people were registered with Trygghetsstiftelsen by their employers. The vast majority of customers currently come from universities.
  • In 2020, 79 per cent of the permanent employees found a new job or another solution before the end of the period of notice and 84 per cent of the fixed-term employees found a solution within nine months from the termination.
  • The activities are financed by all government authorities paying an annual fee based on a percentage of the wage amount.
  • The foundation has 41 employees.