19/9 - The job behind the title - Life Science careers explained - Sthlm

Wednesday September 19th at 9am-12am

More Academics are needed in the Pharma- and Biotech industry

There is a diversity of positions in the life science industry suitable for Academics:  Medical Scientific Liaison, Scientific Advisor, Medical Advisor, Therapeutic Area Manager, Medical Writer, Pharmacovigilance Specialist, Regulatory Officer, Medical Information Manager, Quality Assurance Specialist, Product Manager, Key Account Manager among others.

However, even when the job title comes with a detailed description it may be difficult to understand the scope and the responsibilities involved.

The seminar will firstly focus on why the demand for Academics in the industry is growing and then give an insight to the diversity of positions suitable for Academics/PhD´s. This will be followed by an in-depth description of how the industry is organized and who is doing what and why. The seminar will also specify the requirements (if any) for an Academic to get these positions.

The different positions will span the departments of:
• Medical and Marketing
• Research and Development
• Sales and Legal

Participants will be offered to sign up for individual speed coaching by Niclas Lindqvist in the afternoon.

To demonstrate the increasing demand for Academics in the industry and through a description of the industry organization, find suitable positions for the seminar delegates. Insight into “Job behind the title” will facilitate the planning for a career within Life Science.


Date and time
Wednesday September 19th at 9am-12am

Regeringsgatan 67, Stockholm

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Lecturer Niclas Lindqvist

This seminar is in English

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