Annika Brobjer, coach på stiftelsen

Market yourself in the job search

For those who want to continue in the academy, the paths are well known, but if you want to seek out towards the industry, you may need help. That's what Annika Brobjer, one of the coaches who helped formulate Trygghetsstiftelsen's support for academics, says.

She herself has a background in Life Science and has worked as a product specialist, with drug development, research and sales. For many years she has been working as a coach with, among others, Trygghetsstiftelsen's customers.

- I learned a lot about how the industry works and how broad it is. Even though it was many years ago, I can contribute that knowledge to the customers, both from academia and industry.

Learning more about the industry you want to enter is good advice from Annika Brobjer.

- For those who come from the academy, a new and expanded way of looking at their competence is required, as well as learning more about how the application process itself goes in the industry.

It is important to see what is behind the expertise you possess.

- As a PhD student, you have run a project with a feasibility study, current situation analysis, strategic thinking, analyzes of amounts of data and in addition you are often good at and used to presentations. They often do not see that knowledge, but it is valuable to many companies.

She calls it transferable skills and explains it as broadening the view of what one can contribute, putting into words one's abilities and practicing describing one's potential. They may be named differently in industries and for different positions, but they are in demand and it is important to see and understand how.

- In all application processes, you need to understand what the employer is looking for and then show that you can contribute with just that. A CV should not be a content declaration about your old job but a description of how you can make a difference in the future. I try to get customers to see the job search as marketing themselves, because that's exactly how it is.

Tips from the coach

• Set a strategy, action plan and goal formulation in the job search.

• Expand the view of your own competence and what you can contribute with.

• Match the application documents with what is requested.

• Make your own contacts! Call before you apply and ask more about what is requested. Call after you have submitted your application and say that you are interested.

• Market yourself in different channels - be active on LinkedIn with a well-developed profile.

• Actively network and expand your network.

Gunilla Mild Nygren, freelance journalist