Who can receive support

Trygghetsstiftelsen supports you who are or have been employed within government operations. We offer a broad range of efforts once you are on the way to a new job.

Trygghetsstiftelsen is located in several cities in Sweden and supports you regardless of whether your employment was terminated, you chose not to accompany your agency in a relocation or have a fixed-term employment that is expiring.

Regardless of whether you are a permanent employee or have a fixed-term employment, you may be covered by Trygghetsstiftelsen’s job transition agreement and have access to various types of support.

What support you get is based partly on the reason why you are no longer employed and partly on how many years you were employed by your employer. We cannot say exactly what applies to you until you have become a customer with us.

If any of these points matches your situation, you most likely have a right to support:

  • Your employment was terminated due to a lack of work after at least 12 months’ employment.
  • Your fixed-term employment of at least two years has expired.
  • You work at an agency that is to be relocated and are facing the choice of whether you should accompany it or not.
  • Your employer is relocating to a new city and you choose not to go with it and resign.
  •  NEWS! From 1 February 2021, we will support you who are dismissed due to illness, or if you have entered into an individual agreement with your employer that your employment will end, provided that your employer has fulfilled the rehabilitation obligation and exhausted the placement opportunities.

As soon as you are one of our customers, you will find out what kind of support you can get!

It is your employer that registers you with Trygghetsstiftelsen in connection with you being informed that your employment is ending.