For you who come from academia

This page is for those who have or have had a fixed-term position in academia. When your temporary employment expires, your employer must report you to us at Trygghetsstiftelsen, the Job Security Foundation. We have a mission to support you on the road to a new employment. It is completely voluntary for you to take part of the support and we adapt it based on your needs. Below we have interviewed job coaches, advisors and people from the academy who have taken part in our support.

Florin rådgivare på Stiftelsen
As an anchor in the job seeker's life
A large part of Trygghetsstiftelsen's customers come from academia - universities and colleges. But the knowledge about the support that is offered is low, but once there, it is often a successful interaction to move forward in the career. Florin Dinu,...
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Yildiz, glad kvinna
The coach became a bridge to a new job
I'm extrovert and maybe not the stereotype of a researcher, says Yildiz Kelahmetoglu and laughs. Perhaps that is why the step to the industry was natural after she defended her dissertation in December 2020. The support from Trygghetsstiftelsen helped...
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Anette Tandberg, coach
Say yes to a coach!
Coaching is about so much more than finding a new job. It is about learning self-leadership and maintaining energy and focus to achieve one's goals. That's what Anette Tandberg says, who coaches customers from Trygghetsstiftelsen, many of whom are from...
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Cristina, kund hos Stiftelsen
Do not give up! Applying for a job takes time
The call comes from Cristina Rigato, PhD from Chalmers and job seeker for just over a year. But shame on the one who gives up, it suddenly came loose and she got several positive messages - and a new job.
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Netha, kund på stiftelsen
Valuable support further
The goal is to be able to combine the medical profession with research for Netha Hussain. As a PhD in clinical neuroscience, she wanted to go into care to broaden her future possibilities. Trygghetsstiftelsen's efforts were a support on the way to the...
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Niclas Linqvist, coach på stiftelensen
Broaden the view of your skills
When I see that a candle lights up in the eyes, then I shudder! That's what Niclas Lindqvist, one of the coaches who work for Trygghetsstiftelsen, says, especially with customers from the academy. It is always a challenge be between jobs, but with the...
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en bok och ett plasthjärta
Ready to take the plunge
When Maria Dahl's postdoc employment at Lund University ended, she had decided to take the step into the industry. Via the HR-department, she got in touch with Trygghetsstiftelsen. The support became crucial for the way forward.
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Annika Brobjer, coach på stiftelsen
Market yourself in the job search
For those who want to continue in the academy, the paths are well known, but if you want to seek out towards the industry, you may need help. That's what Annika Brobjer, one of the coaches who helped formulate Trygghetsstiftelsen's support for academics,...
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