Anette Tandberg, coach

Say yes to a coach!

Coaching is about so much more than finding a new job. It is about learning self-leadership and maintaining energy and focus to achieve one's goals. That's what Anette Tandberg says, who coaches customers from Trygghetsstiftelsen, many of whom are from the academy.

She speaks for herself, of course, but the commitment is clear and strong. She believes in what she does and achieves good results together with those she coaches.

– I live as I teach and have my own coach, it gives me knowledge about myself. To my customers, I contribute, among other things, to changing perspectives and helping them to put into words the skills they have.

Those who have worked in academia for many years are drilled in meritocracy, where merits and published scientific articles weigh the most, while in business perhaps the right attitude, social ability and attitude are perhaps more valued. The rest can be learned.

Anette Tandberg believes that there is really no difference in coaching those who come from industry compared to academia, but that group needs new insights into how the outside world works.

- Coaching is based on the same questions: What do you want, what are your competencies, values, qualities, how do you retain energy and how do you get where you want to go. But for those from the academy who want to take the step outside the universities, it is important to build new networks and understand where companies find their employees.

She tells about the customer who she challenged to work hard with LinkedIn for two weeks. He accepted the challenge and received five job offers and chose one of them. He had never used LinkedIn before.

- My job is to show how to build networks and make them dare to make contacts no matter which way they want to go.

The support from Trygghetsstiftelsen often becomes an aha-experience and gives customers a new view of themselves and their own competence.

- When they convert their CV into a language that the business community understands and realizes that much of what they can do is what many companies demand, it's cool. This support makes them see new opportunities for their future, says Anette Tandberg.

Tips from the coach:

  • Realize that you are not alone in your situation. With Trygghetsstiftelsen's support, there are all opportunities to advance in working life, no matter where you want to go.
  • If you are offered a coach, take it no matter what your goal is.

Gunilla Mild Nygren, freelance journalist