en bok och ett plasthjärta

Ready to take the plunge

When Maria Dahl's postdoc employment at Lund University ended, she had decided to take the step into the industry. Via the HR-department, she got in touch with Trygghetsstiftelsen. The support became crucial for the way forward.

- It is a big step to take after several years in the academy. You have a fairly small understanding of what working life outside the university looks like - how to apply for jobs, different professional roles and salary levels. I had prepared a little through the university's Career Center, but in a sharp situation more is needed.

Maria Dahl accepted Trygghetsstiftelsen's offer to meet a coach. She states that it provided valuable help in understanding where her skills could fit. With her coach, she discussed different services and what they mean, she also received tips on using LinkedIn in the best way in the job search process and writing an industry-adapted CV.

- There is a communicative gap between the academy's language and the language that recruiters use, but I was helped to bridge that.

Just when she was ready to start looking for a job, the pandemic came and the start was slow. But then she took the opportunity to build on her skills.

- I took various courses that were available in the Trygghetsstiftelsen's offer, including medical marketing. I also received an education at the Medical Academy paid for by Trygghetsstiftelsen, which was very useful.

In the autumn of 2020, it loosened up a bit. She applied for more than 40 jobs, came to a few interviews and after Christmas she received a positive message. This resulted in a probationary position as Medical Copywriter, which has now been transferred to a permanent position.

- That I finally got that job is largely thanks to the courses and the coaching I received through Trygghetsstiftelsen. It feels very good, my new role is a challenge to grow in, says Maria Dahl, who previously researched gene therapy to cure blood diseases.

Maria's advice to you who want to take the step from academia to industry

  • Take advantage of the support from Trygghetsstiftelsen - here is an understanding of the academic world. It will be a valuable help to bridge the step from one world to another.
  • Be prepared that it takes time to apply for a job, but do not give up.

Gunilla Mild Nygren, freelance journalist