Netha, kund på stiftelsen

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The goal is to be able to combine the medical profession with research for Netha Hussain. As a PhD in clinical neuroscience, she wanted to go into care to broaden her future possibilities. Trygghetsstiftelsen's efforts were a support on the way to the specialist service at Sahlgrenska Hospital.

Netha Hussain, a trained doctor from Kerala in southern India, came to the University of Gothenburg in 2016 for doctoral studies in a project on stroke. In 2020, she defended her dissertation and her service there ended.

- I did not really know what to do then. I had started my test in Swedish, but could not graduate due to the pandemic and was a little confused. When an adviser at Trygghetsstiftelsen contacted me, I was very happy, it was a good support to move forward.

With financial support from Trygghetsstiftelsen, she was able to complete her degree in Swedish in Lund and then she took the test for doctors trained outside the EU.

- I got the course fee and the trip to Umeå paid because no examination was possible in Gothenburg. It is a tough test with both theory and practice, but I passed both and it felt great.

She arranged the compulsory internship by offering her services as an assistant doctor to Partille health center. She got a yes and the opportunity to start right away.

- It was in December 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. It was a real challenge to be thrown into it. But I learned a lot about how the Swedish care system works and got to practice my Swedish in contact with patients and colleagues.

The internship is now over and Netha Hussain will start her specialist position in radiology immediately.

- It feels exciting. Being a doctor in Sweden is very different from India. It is more structured, more collaboration between doctors and above all more time for patients. Thanks to the support from Trygghetsstiftelsen, I am where I want to be today.

Netha's good advice to you who want to move on from the academy

  • Find out morea about Trygghetsstiftelsen and take part in their support.
  • Register with Arbetsförmedlingen directly.
  • Finding a job is about contacts, use the ones you have and network as much as you can.

Gunilla Mild Nygren, freelance journalist